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Fully-enclosed Type Steel Goods Shelf

To store and take easily which can reduce labour intensity, it is convenient for big warehouse mechanization operation, so it is the ideal equipment of the modernized warehouse.

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  1. Maximum space utilization, perfect seal, can be manually and automatically operated
  2. Excellent and Fashionable design
  3. High quality cold-rolled steel plate
  4. Knock-down structure, easy to assemble
  5. Phosphating and acid-washing (Acidizing & Phosphating finish of steel: to resists the products get rust and acid.)
  6. Large electrostatic spraying line
  7. Professional engineer design for you(Color and dimension is customized)
  8. Environmental-friendly material (Surface treatment: Durable powder coating finish, no harm to people and surrounding environment, no poison and side-effect, no smell when use)
  9. Certificate: ISO9001&ISO14001
  10. Package is firm to ensure safe transportation
  11. Factory direct price


Grade high quality cold-rolled plate, 60%-70% of sale volume of our company is for exporting .It is neat and elegant for file storage, a nice resolve project for office life!


From: http://www.et-furniture.com

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