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3 Drawer File Cabinet

The Mobile pedestal cabinet is widely used in archives, library, govemment, school, hotel, hospital, bank, office and so on.

Function: to store files, archives, maps, drawing and so on.

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  1. Pencil tray included in the 1st drawer
  2. Waterproof, anti-fouling and anti corrosion
  3.  Anti-tilt mechanise, Allow only one drawer to open again, A anti-tilt castor installed in the bottom of file cabinet to avoid the cabinet dumping
  4. Drawer with divider suit for different size folder, use for A3/A4/FC file storage
  5. Certificate: ISO9001&ISO14001
  6. Package is firm to ensure safe transportation
  7. Factory direct price


Grade high quality cold-rolled plate, 60%-70% of sale volume of our company is for exporting .It is neat and elegant for file storage, a nice resolve project for office life!


From: http://www.et-furniture.com

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