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Mobile File Cabinet With Electronic Password Lock

The Mobile base cabinet is widely used in archives, library, govemment, school, hotel, hospital, bank, office and so on.

Function: to store files, archives, maps, drawing and so on.

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With the material of high hardness cold rolled carbon steel plate, loading weight can       reach 80kg/layer.

  1. Interlocking type folding structure and embedded anti-theft door design, which makes the integration of door plates and the body, solid and perfect.
  2. Three direction design and the integration of 12 mm solid core lock are multipoint linkage and more protective.
  3. With the demand of safety first, we use good brand intelligent password lock to have a split design. Whenever wrong password input 4 times or violent destruction, it will alarm automatically.
  4. with the smooth surface of electrostatic powder coating and good perfomance of durablity and anti corrosion,the cabinet is environmental health, no harmful substances.
  5. Built-in Two Drawer with lock.
  6. Certificate: ISO9001&ISO14001
  7. Package is firm to ensure safe transportation
  8. Factory direct price


Grade high quality cold-rolled plate, 60%-70% of sale volume of our company is for exporting .It is neat and elegant for file storage, a nice resolve project for office life!


From: http://www.et-furniture.com


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  • Depth 430mm
  • Height 1850mm
  • Width 900mm

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