What are the advantage of office steel file cabinet?

1、Solid and Durable Steel furniture is given priority to with spot welding and argon welding, each place joined into a whole, not easy to be out of shape, and maintenance rate is very low. But in addition, we should note that the thickness of the steel plate must meet the requirements of the specification, if jerry-built, the steel plate is very thin, it is easy to go wrong! 2、High Safety Steel products have waterproof and anti-theft security, can be used in harsh [...]

How can intelligent mobile shelving disorderly storage and orderly management?

Usually, archival materials are stored in partition, you should first find the category of the area where this type of file is located when using,  and then look through the storage records to find the file you need. The file should be placed back to the original location according to the partition classification after use. In this way, the process of file borrowing is very complicated and takes a very long time. When the number of archives and frequent [...]

Why is the price of electric mobile shelving so high?

We will find that the electric intelligent mobile shelving price is higher than hand push mobile shelving when we need to buy mobile shelving to visit office furniture market or find information and consult manufacturers online. Many people don’t understand why the electric mobile shelving price is expensive. In fact, there is a reason why the electric mobile shelving price is high. First: electric intelligent mobile shelving research and development cost is high The biggest different between electric intelligent mobile shelving [...]

Warehouse Shelf

Warehouse shelf are storage equipment, which are based on six basic functions of packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, information management and logistics. With the continuous development of storage shelf industry, more and more industries and enterprises have applied to storage shelves, and more and more enterprises have stepped into the storage shelf industry to serve friends from all walks of life. Shelf is one of the important storage equipment, It can be said that shelves are essential equipment [...]

What should pay attention to when purchasing file cabinets?

Steel file cabinet is commonly used in office, mainly use to place documents, file and personal articles. It can improve people’s office efficiency. In our daily work, choose a suitable office file cabinet can better make the office area clean and work efficiency is improved. So you need know how to choose a steel file cabinet. You need to pay attention to follow point when buy steel file cabinet: First, choose and buy according to you own needs. Before purchasing the steel file [...]

What’s main function of intelligent mobile shelving?

What functions should be considered when purchasing intelligent mobile shelving? First, we need know what’s intelligent mobile shelving. Intelligent mobile shelving is add intelligent system based on tradition mobile shelving. It is set manual, electric, computer control in one of the new generation of high-tech multifunctional mobile shelving, can realize remote operation, macro automation control, easy to operate, stable movement, safe and reliable. Today are more and more factories selling intelligent mobile shelving.Therefore, we should understand the functions of intelligent dense [...]

How to avoid misunderstand when purchasing mobile shelving?

As a modern office storage device, mobile shelving has become the choice of many enterprises because of its large storage capacity. Mobile shelving is widely used in school, enterprises, government institutions,hospital,etc. In order that we can really buy mobile shelving with high quality and appropriate price, we must consider from many aspects such as materials, technology, service and so on when we choose the brand of mobile shelving. When purchasing mobile shelving, many purchasing managers usually don’t know much about [...]

How to ensure the security of archival data ?

What is intelligent archives? The intelligent archives is based on archives information resources, making full use of advanced science and technology such as Internet of things, cloud computing and big data analysis to all links of archives management, and building an archives comprehensive management and control system for automatic disposal of archives content information, carrier information and management information, so as to improve the efficiency and service level of archives management and archives operation. From the perspective of intelligent archives, first of all, [...]

How to calculate the mobile shelving quantity?

The market share of mobile shelving is getting higher and higher, mainly because now enterprises pay more and more attention to the storage and management of archive file. As the archives quantity add, the traditional filing cabinet has been unable to meet the storage and management of a large number of archives. At this time, the mobile shelving has become the choice of many enterprises, because mobile shelving not only greatly increased the storage quantity, but also conducive to the sorting and more [...]

What is the advantages and disadvantages of mobile shelving?

The advantage of mobile shelving: 1.Save space Mobile shelving add 50% or more storage space compare with traditional file cabinet, improve space utilization. Maximum institutional use of the space, save capital investment. 2.Improve storage and consulting efficiency All kinds of different types of files are stored in the mobile shelving, It can not only be reasonably divided and classified, but also be more effective for intelligent numbering and storage, improve storage and consulting efficiency. Avoid the loss of files and causing some unnecessary [...]