Smart Compact Shelves: A new revolution in storage that double your warehouse space!

Today, let’s explore an innovative and efficient storage solution——Intelligent mobile shelving. In this era where every inch of land is at a premium, intelligent compact racks are gradually becoming a standard feature of modern warehouses with their unique advantages.   Advantages of intelligent compact shelving space optimization: Traditional warehouses require a large amount of space to accommodate goods, but intelligent dense racking can accomplish the same amount of storage tasks by using a vertical storage design that requires only 1/3 to 1/2 [...]

Mobile Shelving give you a new style of storage.

In this era of limited space, how to efficiently utilize every inch of space has become our common challenge. The compact rack, a new storage equipment, is providing a new solution to this problem with its unique advantages. 1. Innovative design of compact shelves The mobile compactor adopts an innovative design concept to maximize the use of storage space. Its arranged in a dense arrangement that reduces the use of storage space and facilitates access to items. Whether it’s books, documents, [...]

Let you know what is mobile shelving

A compact rack is a dense file device, often called a compact cabinet. It is a rack with shafts and wheels installed on a multi-row double-sided fixed frame base. It can move linearly along small guide rails laid on the ground. Multiple racks can be moved closer or separated as needed. According to different operating methods, compact racks are divided into manual compact racks, electric compact racks and intelligent compact racks. Manual compact racks are opened and closed manually and [...]

How to choose a children bookshelf

According to statistics, there are 40,000 new leukemia patients in my country every year, with an average of more than 3,000 cases per month, of which 50 percent are two to nine-year-old children, while teenagers and adults accounted for up to 50 percent, resulting in such a large number of culprits is the home closet, shelves, bookshelves, desks and other wood products, but the common bookshelf shelves are made of steel and wood, both of which may have formaldehyde.,However, [...]

How to buy a compact rack cheaper?

Many people are accustomed to going to the shopping mall to choose, because they think that there are many styles and brands in the shopping mall, and they can be compared. In fact, it is a better choice to find a gathering area for file rack manufacturers! Why do you say that. When buying a file rack, it needs to be consistent with the size of the office space, and it also needs to be sturdy, safe, and environmentally [...]

What’s the advantage of mobile shelving?

一、mobile shelving is very convenient to use When the staff accesses the data, the data is so messy that it is too much time wasting to find the data, and the benefit of the file mobile shelving is that it can easily find the desired file data, and it is very convenient to use, saving time and improving work efficiency at the same time. 二、Large capacity of mobile shelving Mobile shelving can realize the centralized management of archives, and its interior has six adjustable [...]

How to choose mobile shelving

Mobile shelving standard size is H2400mm*W900*D560mm, inner have 6 layer shelves, the distance of each layer is 342mm. Each layer load capacity is 80kg. It can be designed according to the user’s require and the actual space size. Let the warehouse space to be more heavily utilized by adjusting the number of layers, the length and width of the mobile shelving. The spacing between layer also can be adjustable according to the actual use requirements to place items of different [...]

Why more and more companies choose to use intelligent mobile shelving?

Under the influence of the concept of smart city, intelligence has penetrated into every aspect of our work and life, and the archives have also moved from digital archives to intelligent archives, and intelligent compact shelves, as a storage device for archives, are also one of the core equipment of intelligent archives. Not only the archives, in our daily office, the use of intelligent compact shelving instead of traditional file cabinets to store information, not only can make full use of [...]

The production process and requirements of the compact shelf

1.Processing and manufacturing All the processed parts of plates and tubes of the compact shelf are polished and burred after processing, without cracks and scars. All welding is firm, smooth and flat. For the combination or stacking type of dense shelves, there must be a stable combination device, otherwise it is easy to touch or collapse and cause harm to human body. 2.Manufacturing tolerance After assembly of each group, the limit deviation of the profile dimensions was 2mm.The inclination is not greater [...]

What are the practicality of the compact shelf?

The density shelves are mainly used to store archives, documents and other materials of major enterprises and institutions, with space-saving, confidential, dust proof and other functions, has become the main equipment for the storage of archives and library materials of state agencies, large enterprises and institutions, schools, etc. With the continuous development of society, the function of the dense shelves for archives is also being constantly upgraded, dense shelves are no longer limited to the traditional enterprises and institutions of archival [...]