Five aspects that need to be clarified in the procurement of compact shelves

Compact shelf a dense filing cabinet, the biggest feature in the three-dimensional shape of the storage capacity, so save space, enterprises through the dense shelf management storage of numerous archival materials, etc. is easy to achieve a state of efficient office.

Mobile shelving allow the storage of archival materials, documents and items to quantify the characteristics of the management of convenience does not need more expression, more and more enterprises and institutions such as units choose dense shelves can explain the benefits of the product. However, it is not that everything is fine, there are still some problems in the procurement of dense shelves that need to be considered by users clearly.

Mass shelving are a large storage equipment, but also a kind of semi-custom or fully customized products, once the order began to produce it is very difficult to change, so, before the purchase of dense shelves these issues first consider clearing

1.The practicality of the mobile shelving

Choose the dense shelf must be clear for which, consider whether the type of mobile shelving chosen to meet the needs, whether the mobile shelving is suitable for the items to be stored and the environment, clear demand to quickly find the right dense shelf products.

2.Operation and management mode of mobile shelving

The structure type of dense shelf is divided into many kinds, the market is more unified classification is divided into manual dense shelf, electric dense shelf, intelligent dense shelf according to the function, different dense shelf has different operation management mode, before purchasing need to consider that kind of operation management mode is more suitable for the demand.

3.Quality of mobile shelving

Commodities will exist good and bad, want to purchase to durable not to fail the compact shelf, product quality must be carefully examined test, mobile shelving of materials, technology, after-sales service, etc. can reflect the professionalism of the mobile shelving manufacturers, comprehensive consideration of the quality of the mobile shelving factors to better protect the purchase of quality dense shelves products.

4.The price of mobile shelving

Price is a major factor that can affect the purchase, mobile shelving as a large storage equipment prices are not low, but as the saying goes, one price is worth a penny, do not look at the price is low on the choice, from different channels to understand the market comprehensive consideration of prices, is the right way to choose to good value for money products.

5.The appearance of the mobile shelving

Although the compact shelf is indoor storage equipment, but has a good appearance can also improve the overall office environment, so the user in the purchase of mobile shelving should be used from the environment of the place to consider the entire tone with a good choice of color, style, etc.