How can intelligent mobile shelving disorderly storage and orderly management?

Usually, archival materials are stored in partition, you should first find the category of the area where this type of file is located when using,  and then look through the storage records to find the file you need. The file should be placed back to the original location according to the partition classification after use. In this way, the process of file borrowing is very complicated and takes a very long time. When the number of archives and frequent use, the management of archives is more difficult.

To solve the problem of archives management and apply modern information technology to archives management, the intelligent dense rack developed and produced by it can achieve disorderly storage and orderly management of archives. Disorderly storage and orderly management. Disorderly storage means that archivists do not need to store and classify files in different areas, and can place files disorderly on dense shelves.Then RFID technology is used to find the improperly stored files in the retrieval of the intelligent dense rack, and the staff will take out the improperly stored documents and store them correctly.

Why can intelligent dense rack achieve disordered storage, orderly management? The answer is RFID systems.RFID technology usually refers to radio frequency identification technology. A complete RFID system consists of readers, electronic tags and data management systems. Its principle is through the reader and tag non-contact data communication, to achieve the purpose of identifying the target.

For each file boxes paste on RFID electronic labels, smart shelves installed in read/write device, increase the RFID function, can realize real-time accurate positioning, archives file location information updated in real time, in the smart shelves in the management system can easily query file location, or to know the shelves which are stored in the file, implement state storage, orderly management. At the same time, the use of RFID technology, but also real-time efficient inventory file number, greatly improve the efficiency of inventory. Real-time data synchronization, enhance the timeliness of inventory. Without any manual operation, the archives can be visualized, systematized and intelligent management are realized.