How much do you know about mobile shelving?

Different countries have different names for mobile shelving,such as mobile compactor, high density shelving, compact shelving,etc.

The mobile shelving is usually composed of row and lines. If the whole dense frame is combined together, it can form a closed cabinet. So some people call it the archive cabinet.

Classification of mobile shelving:

  1. According to different operations, it can be divided into manual mobile shelving,electric mobile shelving, intelligent mobile shelving.
  2. According to different use, it can be divided into archive mobile shelving, mobile shelving for book, accounting mobile shelving,medical-record mobile shelving,warehouse mobile shelving.
  3. According to different structure, it can divided into double-side mobile shelving, semi-closed mobile shelving, fully-closed mobile shelving.
  4. The material of mobile shelving have two type: cold rolled steel and stainless steel. It can be customized according to the different needs of customer.The second kind is fully-closed mobile shelving, the structure of fully-closed mobile shelving is have a backplane is installed between the two units, can keep the frame of mobile shelving more private.

    The third kind is accounting mobile shelving, inner have 12 shelves to store accounting vouchers and accounting materials, also have high loading capacity.

    The fourth kind is drawing mobile shelving, it use to storage drawing,painting and calligraphy. The drawer-type structure can keep the confidential,and can realize the flat storage of the drawings and paintings, without causing damage to the drawings and paintings. In addition, it can be better centralized management, but also have fire prevention,moisture-proof,anti-theft performance.