How to choose confidential file cabinet?

Each company have many important document need storage, because of the number and size of office restrictions, it is impossible for each office to buy s small safe box to store important document.At this time, you can choose the confidential file cabinet to store the files,You can choose according to the follow points:

  1. According to the national standard: the confidential file cabinet has ability of confidentiality and protection. But not all factory confidential file cabinet has this ability. Sometimes manufacturers will cut corners to reduce costs. Only the confidential file cabinet through the national confidentialityscience and technology evaluation center testing test can be counted as a qualified confidential file cabinet.
  2. According to the lock: the confidential file cabinet have two type lock:electric password lock and fingerprint lock. Password lock is more common in the market, which can change password, easy to use, multi-function and high security.Relatively less fingerprints, because the relatively password lock cost is high.But the convenience of fingerprints solves the trouble of forgetting passwords,you can choose and buy according to your own needs.

3.According to the performance: When storing documents in the office, the anti-theft performance must be can see the material thickness of confidential file cabinet,the thickness of confidential file cabinet is more large, the more difficult to pry deformation,not easy to be drill away.

The confidential file cabinet is different from the general file cabinet. must pay attention to the after-sales service when choosing and buying, which is also to ensure the normal use of the product.