How to choose the right place?

Mobile shelving is the necessary archival equipment for the archives, but the selection of the archives room is also a skill, there is also a certain impact on the storage and management of the later archives, so how to select the dense rack archives room which?

First, the floor load-bearing capacity should reach the standard.

The load-bearing capacity of the floor is the basis for the installation of dense shelves, according to the provisions of “Architectural Design Code for Archives”: the average live load on the floor of the dense shelves archive should be 5KN/㎡. When using mobile shelving, it should not be less than 12KN/㎡, or determined according to the actual needs. That is to say, when the archive room adopts the mobile shelving, the floor live load of the library should meet the design of not less than 12KN/㎡. Above, is the installation of mobile shelving on the floor load-bearing capacity requirements, but we also have to consider a point, mobile shelving mounted on the archive, the floor load-bearing requirements are increasing, so to consult professional mobile shelving manufacturers or engineering companies for advice in accordance.

Secondly, the space size of the dense frame archive room should be suitable.

One of the main reasons for installing mobile shelving is to enlarge the practical area of the storage room, so that the archives can be stored and managed in a maximum way. If the room is too small to put a few columns of mobile shelving, there is no need to install compact shelving to improve the space utilization of the room. We should also pay attention to the installation of compact shelving after a certain amount of space to allow the shelves can be effectively lined up to facilitate the management of archival documents by archivists. It is better to have no columns in the archives.

Finally, there are certain requirements for the environment.

The control of the environment of the mobile shelving can all be achieved by equipment, such as room temperature and humidity, dryness, gas environment, etc. But if we consider the installation of mobile shelving, there are certain requirements for the environment of the archive room itself. As we all know, archival files are not allowed to be humid, dry or insect or rat, because these can be more destructive to archival files. Then the archive room we choose should take these factors into consideration.