Intelligent Archive

The era of artificial intelligence is coming, it is a necessary tendency to intelligence the archive management. Intelligent mobile shelving is also one of the core equipment of the intelligent archives. It can realize the construction of unmanned archives and realize the intelligent management of archives collection,sorting, classification and filing. This includes the intelligent collection of the network archives information resources,intelligent classification and retrieval of digital file information resources, intelligent file value identification and intelligent file security management, which greatly reduces the workload of file management personnel.


Intelligent mobile shelving integrated with manual,electric and computer control, the three transmission modes are independent, without affecting each other Intelligent mobile shelving can realize long-distance operation. Intelligent mobile shelving have intelligent environment control,intelligent security control,intelligent file management and intelligent frame control system. Each row of intelligent mobile shelving is designed with LED screen, which can intuitively understand the file storage situation of each column of the intensive shelf, and is also convenient for the staff to find and get. The design of fixed row and mobile row can also make full use of space and store more data in smaller space


Intelligent security control system can accurately detect the number of personnel in the shelving frame. The shelving frame will be automatic lock and prohibit external hand shaking and electric operation when someone in the frame. Unlock automatically when no person in the shelving frame. The screen will show information when someone is in the shelving frames, remind others to pay attention to operation of shelving frame.