Intelligent mobile shelving operation method

Intelligent dense shelf operation method is very simple, and there are voice prompts during the operation.

  1. Open and closed: Open the intelligent mobile shelving, click “open” button in any column of the main screen of LCD screen to open the dense shelf of that column, there will be voice prompts during the operation, and the LCD screen will give the motion picture. Close the mobile shelving, click “close” button on the main screen of any column LCD screen to close all the dense shelves in the area, the voice will give a prompt and the LCD will give a motion picture.
  2. Ventilation: This operation can only be performed in the fixed column LCD and in the control room computer. If the fixed column is in the middle of two zones, then you need to choose which zone to ventilate left or right. When ventilation, the dense shelves open evenly to the air convection of the files stored in the dense shelves, which can prevent the files from getting moldy in the humid environment. And there is a voice prompt: the dense shelf starts to ventilate.
  3. Search: The search function of fixed and mobile columns is very powerful. Clicking the “Query” button on the main screen of any column will enter the query condition screen, and the “Open” button will allow the user to open the file in the dense rack remotely. When the computer is operated and the file is opened, the file number and file name will be automatically displayed on the LCD screen of the corresponding column. After the person enters the column, the voice automatically gives a voice broadcast of where the file is placed. If there are too many files and large data, our software can support fuzzy search and speed up the search function, which can help you finish the search task quickly.
  4. Stop midway: Clicking on any touch screen position in the motion screen can temporarily stop the dense rack.
  5. Mechanical locking: For safety reasons, when someone enters the dense shelf to retrieve files or when a column of dense shelf is mechanically locked, the dense shelf is not allowed to operate, it cannot run normally at this time, it can only run successfully if the mechanical locking situation is lifted, and the dense shelf will give voice prompts when operating.
  6. Safety: Intelligent dense shelf products are quite standardized and neat in the installation of each accessory discharge, human body sensing devices are installed at the entrance of the dense shelf, which can detect personnel entering and leaving the dense shelf. Note that the operator must enter and exit from the entrance of the dense frame to be sensed correctly! In and out speed detection factory tuned to normal walking speed, if too fast may not be correctly sensed. When the manager enters, the dense frame in motion will stop halfway, and the dense frame cannot be operated when someone is in the frame, voice prompt: there is someone in the frame, stop halfway, and someone in the frame cannot be operated.Finally, the smoke alarm and excessive temperature alarm function are installed on the protection and safety, when the accident can be timely voice prompt