Intelligent mobile shelving will become a mainstream product in the office furniture market

In modern times, the concept of intelligence is slowly penetrating into all walks of life and every aspect of our lives. It has given birth to a series of intelligent living and office supplies such as smart phones and intelligent mobile shelving. Smart phones are believed to be very well known, intelligent mobile shelving are estimated that not everyone knows, today we will introduce to you, the new darling of the dense shelf industry!

Nowadays, with the rapid development of computer networks and field bus control technology, digitization, networking and information are increasingly integrated into people’s lives. Enterprise units are also putting forward higher requirements for the quality of their archive management work. Intelligent mobile shelving are created in this context, and with the growing demand for dense shelves, intelligent content is constantly being integrated with new concepts. According to a survey, intelligent mobile shelving will become a mainstream product in the dense shelving market within 5 years.

The urban office is becoming more and more efficient. The intelligent mobile shelving, as a kind of office supplies for storing important information such as archives and securities certificates, have an intelligent management system that combines computer terminals with electric control to achieve fast retrieval and automatic access. It is also equipped with automatic ventilation, fire protection, moisture-proof and other functions. Compared with traditional shelves, racks and filing cabinets, it has the advantages of being confidential and closed, high space utilization and easy access. Now it has become a new type of storage equipment widely used in courts, protectorate, banks, large shopping malls, schools, enterprise data rooms, sample rooms, etc. for storing books, archival materials, archives, financial documents and goods.

In the future, the function of intelligent mobile shelving will be more powerful, will be better for modern enterprise file management services.