Introduction of the functions of intelligent mobile shelving

Intelligent mobile shelving is the equipment used to store archive files. The function of the intelligent mobile shelving is reflected in two aspects: the traditional file storage function and the automation of archival storage. Therefore, when examining the performance of the intelligent mobile shelving, it is important to consider the quantity and security of the data stored in the intelligent mobile shelving, as well as the degree of automation and the service life of the intelligent mobile shelving.

The amount of data stored affects the size of the intelligent mobile shelving, the layer quantity affects the amount of file stored. But don’t worry, this just a very little question, only need you tell the file quantity to manufacture when you take order.

If the quality of the plates of the intelligent mobile shelving is not good and the weight-bearing is poor, then the plates will be deformed over time, thus affecting the work of the archives.

Basic function of intelligent mobile shelving

1.LCD touch display main screen (fixed column mount), screen lock function

2.The shelf can also be operated manually ,electrically and computer

3.Start and operate at a uniform speed

  1. Dust-proof and light-proof function
  2. Anti-dumping function
  3. Password locking system
  4. Waterproof function (conventional)
  5. Temperature and humidity monitoring function and voice operated functions

Intelligent software management function

  1. Two-way wireless network control between clusters of dense racks and computers
  2. 2. ERP (warehouse, books, archives, etc.) management
  3. 3. supports multi-user operations
  4. 4. Remote information storage function (portable data acquisition function – optional)

5 .SMS platform function for reminder function, single SMS (optional)

6 . Multi-user operation permission confidentiality function

  1. All of the report outputs can be customization and powerful
  2. 8. Temperature, humidity, fire and burglary monitoring and alarm functions
  3. 9. Automatic logging of operations, automatic timeout reminders and stock warning functions
  4. 10. Reserved for upgrades

Human safety protection features

  1. 1.Infrared wire sensing protection function

2.Automatic counting and display of the number of entrants with warning protection

  1. Bar pressure sensor protection function
  2. Automatic motion blockage and overload detection protection

Intelligent mobile shelving are generally equipped with an anti-tilting device to increase the stability of the intelligent mobile shelving body. At the same time there is automatic ventilation and a real-time display of temperature and humidity, especially for intelligent mobile shelving housing valuable archival material, providing a suitable temperature and humidity environment, which helps to slow down the ageing of the archives and thus improves safety.

For the degree of automation, the degree of automation required for intelligent mobile shelving should of course be high. In addition to the traditional manual and electric functions, there should also be additional computer control functions, as well as internal networking. The higher the degree of automation of the intelligent mobile shelving, the higher their safety and the more they can save on labour costs. The life expectancy is also an important factor in the performance of intelligent mobile shelving. A good performance of the intelligent mobile shelving does not create problems and can guarantee the safety of the archives.

The function of intelligent mobile shelving is reflected in the above several points above, customers should pay attention when purchasing, only select a good intelligent mobile shelving to better office.