Library Steel Bookshelves

Generally speaking, the area of the library is very large, need to place a lot of bookshelves, the library is the choice of most double-sided shelves and single-sided shelves, where the proportion of double-sided shelves and higher than single-sided shelves, because double-sided shelves can be placed on both sides of the book, take the book is also convenient, not only to save space and at the same time increase the book collection space.

According to market research, there are two main types of library shelves, one is wooden and one is steel. Steel bookcase with large storage capacity and easy installation.Steel bookshelves are becoming the choice of more people.

Surface treatment of steel bookshelf : the steel bookcase adopts advanced high-pressure water washing, acid washing, photostatting and other 13-station pre-treatment spraying system, the use of automatic spraying equipment, high-grade environmental protection solid powder, to ensure that the product coating is firm, smooth, non-toxic, tasteless, uniform colour, the product is resistant to environmental corrosion, durable.

Steel bookshelves features:

  1. The installation process adopts a plug-in combination structure, which makes installation more convenient and quick.
  2. The reinforced laminate design provides greater load-bearing capacity, and the special spacing holes allow you to freely choose the height of the laminate according to your storage.
  3. The shelves are constructed with a combination of inserts, ready for installation and removal.
  4. Steel bookcase with double-sided storage design and large storage capacity.