Matters needing attention during mobile shelving installation

The mobile shelving have high office efficiency and are also very convenient and fast in the process of use. Usually, users are confused about the installation products of mobile shelving and feel that the installation of mobile shelving is complex. Pay attention to these small matters during the installation process can make mobile shelving work better for us, but also can make the characteristics of the dense frame play better. So what should we be paid attention to about installing dense shelves and placing dense shelves?The following 4 things need you to understand.

1.Avoid direct sunlight

No matter what material the product is, it will change after a long time of sunshine. The surface of the dense frame will fade when it is in direct sunlight for a long time. In serious cases, it will lead to paint peeling, which will affect the normal use and service life of the dense frame.

2.Keep away from windows

Do not choose the position close to the window when the dense frame is installed, especially the whole floor as the archives warehouse. The dense shelf windows are too close and easy to deposit dust. In rainy days, there are documents splashed by rain that affect the storage of dense shelves and electric leakage accidents.

3.The space should be high, and do not use chandelier lighting facilities

The space of the place where the mobile shelving is installed shall have sufficient height, and the lighting facilities used shall not use chandeliers with a certain length, so as not to affect the movement of the dense frame.

4.Track distance

The movement of the dense frame depends on the paved track. The size of the site determines the distance of the paved track and the specification of the dense frame. Whether the track paved for the installation of the dense frame is flat determines whether the dense frame operates smoothly. During the use process, pay attention to regularly cleaning the track to ensure that there is no blockage in the track.

The manufacturer usually provides free installation service for dense rack installation, but in addition to the installation problem, another problem needs to be selected by the user, that is, the installation position of dense rack. Dense rack is a kind of equipment that can bear more than kg, and its own weight is also very heavy. In addition, it is a storage equipment for storing documents and materials, Therefore, dense shelves have certain requirements for the place of use.