Standard operation of mobile shelving

1.Manual mobile shelving open operation

Each row of the mobile shelving is equipped with a locking mechanism, so before opening the operation must first open the general lock, and then the locking mechanism switch to the “open” position, in order to shake the operation.

The operation of the shaking handle: shaking handle for automatic decoupling mechanism, just put down the shaking handle, slowly shake to hang gear, you can force shaking, so that the rack shaking open to the required distance, you can access the volume reading file work.

2.Manual mobile compactor closing operation

After completing the work of access reading files, the locking mechanism of the switch plate hand dial to the “open” position, shake the handle, so that each row of mobile shelving move to the closed position, and then the locking mechanism of the switch dial to the “off” position, lock the total lock, can.

When closing the locking device, such as the difficulty of closing, you can lightly shake the handle, so that the locking switch can be smoothly dialed to the “off” position, the operation should avoid forcible closure, so as not to damage the handle.、

Moving principle of the manual high density shelving

The manual dense shelf can move on the rail in single row or many rows together, and each row has a handbrake brake device. When the handbrake is in OFF position, the shelf can’t move, when it is in ON position, the shelf can move, there is label frame on the side plate of each row of mobile shelving, there is anti-reverse device at the bottom of the moving row, each row is equipped with total lock for the overall locking, which plays the role of safety protection, the end of the guide rail is installed with limit device to prevent the manual dense shelf from the track.

mobile compactor

Shake of the manual high density shelving

Turn the handbrake counterclockwise to ON position, the mobile rack is unlocked. Shaking the handle shelf body can be moved, it should be moved in a single row, multiple rows will cause damage to the transmission structure of the shelf body.

Adjustment of the layer height of the manual mobile shelving

The standard height of each layer is 340mm. when you need to adjust the height of the layer, take down the layer board first, move the pegboard on both sides of the layer board upward, make it decouple from the column, then move upward or downward to the required height, insert it into the column hole and hang it on the column, then put on the layer board.