The acceptance step for mobile shelving

Mobile shelving can bring multiple shelves together or apart as required. Because dense wear has close secret, the space is used tall, access is convenient wait for an advantage. Has extensive courts, banks, schools, institutions reference rooms, large shopping malls and other places.

According to the different operation mobile shelving can be divided to: manual mobile shelving, electric mobile shelving and intelligent mobile shelving.

According to the different uses can be divided into: file mobile shelving, book mobile shelving, case mobile shelving, warehouse mobile shelving, etc.

According to the different structure can be divided into: double side mobile shelving, semi-closed mobile shelving, fully enclosed mobile shelving.

We should pay attention to the following points to complete the acceptance

Whether it can operate normally when turning on after installation and commissioning.

Check whether the install of mobile shelving is reasonable, First of all, choose enough space, whether there is enough heat dissipation space on the top of the mobile shelving,and the side walls cannot be close to the wall.

Overall inspection of the mobile shelving,When the frame is closed, check whether each column is sealed,

Check whether the frame can be opened and closed normally.