The production process and requirements of the compact shelf

1.Processing and manufacturing

All the processed parts of plates and tubes of the compact shelf are polished and burred after processing, without cracks and scars. All welding is firm, smooth and flat. For the combination or stacking type of dense shelves, there must be a stable combination device, otherwise it is easy to touch or collapse and cause harm to human body.

2.Manufacturing tolerance

After assembly of each group, the limit deviation of the profile dimensions was 2mm.The inclination is not greater than 3mm.The gap between the joints is consistent, and the gap should be 1-2mm.

3.Surface preparation

In order to ensure that the mobile shelving cabinet body long-term non-rust corrosion, coating does not fall off, selected environmentally friendly plastic powder, through the ISO9001 quality system and ISO4001 environmental protection system mark certification, and specified a strict surface treatment process, the specific operation process is as follows: hot water fat removal – cold water cleaning – neutralization – hot phosphate treatment – cold water cleaning – hot passionate – powder spraying – curing, and the use of today’s internationally popular matte treatment, beautiful and luxurious, solid surface, strong adhesion.

4.The outer edges of the compact shelf in the human body may contact, should be designed to round and smooth, otherwise in a collision with the human body, easy to cause unnecessary injury.

5.The color of the compact shelf should not be too dazzling, otherwise it is easy to cause visual fatigue.

Such meticulous and demanding processing requirements give the dense shelves a smooth, flat appearance and a strong and durable structure. Nowadays, people are concerned about the perfection of things and things, and the dense shelves are not as long as they can meet the daily office needs, but also have more requirements in terms of appearance, and safety.