The reason for the mobile shelving price continue to rise

Recently, you must find that the price of mobile shelving of different the manufacturer continues to rise. Whether the manufacture,dealers and the sale agent, the mobile shelving price change day by day. Many buyers are hesitating about when and at what price to buy mobile shelving. So do you know what causes the price of mobile shelving to rise?

Raw material costs are rising, rising prices is a inevitable trend

From the second half of 2020 to now, the raw material price of steel plates has been rising, and the logistics and transportation involving all aspects are also rising. The production cost of manufacturers rises, the production funds and the pressure on production funds and raw materials is also increasing. One way for manufacturers to regulate production and operation management is to make good use of the lever of “price”, which is reflected in the market price of steel products, that is, the price of various steel products is rising rapidly.

Demand drives consumption, and the timing of buying should not just wait

From the current situation of the dense shelf industry in the archives, the price rise of dense shelf products is a trend. However, there have been problems in the construction of archives venues in various regions, but the relevant social market demand has not decreased. On the contrary, the requirements for product quality and function are becoming more and more strict, and the high-end intelligent archives dense shelves are more and more accepted by the public. Domestic demand driving economic growth has always been the decisive force in the development of domestic economy.


According to incomplete market research, the prices of steel products are rising not only in Henan, but also in various regions. Partners who want to buy dense shelves in the archives still need to see the right time and start first!