The scope of application and application scenarios of mobile shelving

There are many kinds of mobile shelving, among which intelligent mobile shelving are suitable for organs, enterprises and institutions to store books and materials, archives, archives and financial vouchers, goods. The new intelligent dense shelves have a large storage capacity and save space compared to traditional shelves, racks and filing cabinets. Intelligent archival dense shelves and integrated management system. Managed by a set of management software. Realization of the security management of the archives, the management of the archives, the management and control of the temperature and humidity in the warehouse and the dense shelves.

The compact shelves are mainly suitable for archive rooms of 20 m2 or more. If the archive room is too small, there is no need to install it. Below you will find a description of the range of application of the various dense shelves.

Manual mobile shelving for archives of 20-60 m².

Electric mobile shelving for archives of 60-100 m².

Intelligent mobile shelving for archives over 100 m².

Common users of mobile shelving: Archives of large companies, libraries, national archives, museums, hospital case archives, government agencies, scientific research institutions, engineering design institutes, etc.

Mobile shelving are generally divided according to different uses: archive dense shelves, book dense shelves, accounting dense shelves, medical records dense cabinets, storage dense shelves, intelligent table storage dense shelves, etc.

Generally used for: organs, enterprises and institutions, archives, sample room libraries, offices, archives, scientific research departments, medical departments, power bureaus, etc. to store a variety of library materials, archives, financial vouchers, goods specifications of documents and other information.

Features: space saving, large storage capacity, beautiful and neat, solid and safe, confidentiality and high security.