What are the advantage of office steel file cabinet?

1、Solid and Durable

Steel furniture is given priority to with spot welding and argon welding, each place joined into a whole, not easy to be out of shape, and maintenance rate is very low. But in addition, we should note that the thickness of the steel plate must meet the requirements of the specification, if jerry-built, the steel plate is very thin, it is easy to go wrong!

2、High Safety

Steel products have waterproof and anti-theft security, can be used in harsh environment and special use, in special circumstances, can also reduce the loss to the lowest.

3、High space utilization rate

Steel file cabinet can be placed side by side, large internal storage space, space saving, improve space utilization

4、Health and Environmental protection

Steel file cabinet adopts electrostatic powder coating, which is more environmentally friendly


Steel file cabinet is modern and in line with the trend of The Times. Colorful colors can be selected to match different use environments, different elements can also construct a harmonious and diversified office space.