What are the intelligent functions of the intelligent mobile shelving?

Intelligent mobile shelving is suitable for the storage of books,archives, archives and financial vouchers and goods by government organs, enterprises and institutions. Compared with traditional bookshelves and shelves, it has large storage capacity and saves space. Compared with the traditional mobile shelving, the intelligent network dense frame,can realize long-distance operation, macro-automatic frame control.

From the perspective of the most intuitive problems faced by archives management, archives management is faced with serious accumulation,  search difficulty and limited preservation, and the intelligent dense frame can be said to be the best helper of archives storage.So, what are the intelligence of the intelligent mobile shelving?

Fastest speed: improve management efficiency

The intelligent mobile shelving has an intelligent interactive function, and the frame is equipped with a large high-definition touch screen, which supports voice command operation. At the same time, the intelligent dense frame has the function of item guidance, and the found file location information is displayed in an intuitive way such as light or graphics.Archives management personnel do not need to manually carry out a column of file extraction confirmation search work, greatly liberated the time.

Minimum space: avoid negative management

Compared to traditional file cabinets, The storage capacity of mobile shelving is about twice that of traditional filing cabinets. Mobile shelving is movable type and can be placed side by side, can save space. However, in the case of multiple rows of mobile shelving, manual mobile shelving are more laborious. It is time-consuming and laborious to manually swing mobile shelving one by one, while intelligent mobile shel only need one click to liberate both hands and wait for the target column to move. Moreover, the intelligent dense rack avoids the problems such as transaction accumulation caused by the reluctance of managers to deal with the archives storage in time due to the operation cost, so as to reduce the error rate of archives management and improve the management efficiency.

Safety: ensure the safety of archives and people

Intelligent mobile shelving not only meets the accurate search of archives,save space and improve efficiency, but also extends the storage life of archives.

The display screen on the intelligent mobile shelving frame can display the temperature and humidity of the archives storage in real time, which can let the administrator be clear at a glance, and thus further adjust the archives environment through other systems to extend the storage life of the archives

In addition, the touch screen system of the intelligent mobile shelving adopts a super processor to detect the status of the key parts of the mobile shelving frame at any time, convenient operation and maintenance and accurately judge the fault. The frame is equipped with anti-extrusion and landing detection module, head detection module, the system with anti-extrusion protection function to ensure the personal safety of the management personnel, so that the management personnel to ensure a comfortable file management work.

Remote operation: easy office


The intelligent mobile shelving management system supports the connection with smart devices such as tablet computers and mobile phones. Only the equipment is in hand, managers can sit and control the frame remotely.

In addition, intelligent archives management is also extended to the internal management maintenance and external service of the archives, which greatly improves the efficiency of efficient management of archives managers and gives the resources of the archives to the greatest extent.