What are the practicality of the compact shelf?

The density shelves are mainly used to store archives, documents and other materials of major enterprises and institutions, with space-saving, confidential, dust proof and other functions, has become the main equipment for the storage of archives and library materials of state agencies, large enterprises and institutions, schools, etc.

With the continuous development of society, the function of the dense shelves for archives is also being constantly upgraded, dense shelves are no longer limited to the traditional enterprises and institutions of archival data storage management, its gradually highlighted the advantages of becoming more and more enterprises to choose archival custody.

Let’s see some of the advantages of the dense shelves

  1. Save time and improve efficiency.Compared with the traditional file shelf, it is more convenient to use the dense shelf to store and query the files, which can easily find the files you want, save time and improve work efficiency.
  2. The archival dense shelves have small space requirements. The mobile shelving adopt a hierarchical structure, each level can be managed automatically, while each level is closely connected, not wasting the valuable space of the mobile shelving, so the mobile shelving save a very large amount. A small area can store a large number of files, fully improving the utilization rate of the office area.
  3. The compact rack can adapt well to various space environments. Each column of the structure is composed of chassis, double columns, shelves and support plates, top plate, guard plate, transmission, guide rails and other parts. The bottom has an anti-rodent device, and the shelves come with an insect-proof device underneath. Therefore, the dense shelves are moisture-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, rodent-proof, insect-proof, etc.


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