What is mobile compact shelving? What kind of mobile compactor is easier to use?

Mobile shelving is a large office furniture that many units that need file management need to buy for file storage, so what exactly is file management intensive rack? What kind of intensive shelves are more convenient to use?

High density shelving belong to a kind of office furniture, the shelves are mainly composed of steel plates, the size and internal structure of the intensive shelves are slightly different according to the production technology and equipment of each manufacturer. We can customize the production according to the size of the stored files.

What are the use features of the dense frame?

There are many kinds of dense shelves, especially for different storage purposes there are different kinds of dense shelves, like some base map dense shelves, financial voucher dense shelves, medical records dense shelves, etc.

Here is a brief introduction to the different features of manual mobile shelving and intelligent mobile shelving, Manual mobile shelving, as the name implies, rely on human power to ensure the use of mobile shelving, the requirements of the mobile shelving storage environment is relatively high, but hand-operated mobile shelving are also relatively labor-saving in use, the files are stored to a certain extent, the stronger the degree of stability of the shelf when shaking. Compared to manual mobile shelving, intelligent mobile shelving are very intelligent, no need for human operation, voice control is completely accurate under the current level of technology. In addition to this, if you buy intelligent mobile shelving piggyback warehouse environment together with the creation, has basically can realize the warehouse environment control, even temperature and humidity can be accurately controlled.

Which dense shelf is better to manage files?

Which kind of file management mobile compactor is better to manage file files?Of course, the best suitable for you is the best.If we do not need to achieve so many functions and effects, if the planning of the archive room environment is good, and manual dense shelves can completely achieve the role of archive storage management, then the purchase of manual dense shelves may be the most suitable choice for us. If we want to hit the range to improve the efficiency of file management and reduce manual labor while making file management more intelligent, then choosing intelligent dense shelves is a very suitable choice. Choose which kind of dense shelves or to specific problems specific analysis, in order to choose the most suitable for their own dense shelves.