What is the advantages and disadvantages of mobile shelving?

The advantage of mobile shelving:

1.Save space

Mobile shelving add 50% or more storage space compare with traditional file cabinet, improve space utilization. Maximum institutional use of the space, save capital investment.

2.Improve storage and consulting efficiency

All kinds of different types of files are stored in the mobile shelving, It can not only be reasonably divided and classified, but also be more effective for intelligent numbering and storage, improve storage and consulting efficiency. Avoid the loss of files and causing some unnecessary trouble with your daily work.


The distance between two layer is adjustable, you can adjust the distance between two layer according to the size of different files. To meet different files storage requirement.

The disadvantage of mobile shelving

1.Mobile shelving has certain requirements for the ground load.

To ensure that the loading of dense cabinets cannot exceed the building design load standards. For the bearing unqualified file warehouse, should not install dense frame.

2.Mobile shelving disassembly and handling is extremely inconvenient

With the increasing amount of archival data, it is necessary to expand or build more archives or repositories,What about the original dense cabinets? It’s a pity to throw them away, and it’s inconvenient to disassemble and assemble them, and disassemble cost not cheap.

3.Poor mobility, It is not conducive to the timely and safe transfer of archives

To ensure the security of the archives must be against the clock When there is an emergency, but It takes time to disassemble the mobile shelving. It is not conducive to the rapid and safe transfer of files.

Now more company is paying more and more attention to work efficiency. Mobile shelving can improve work efficiency, make file management more systematic.

At same time, it is shortcomings cannot be ignored,Therefore, to do a good job in file management, it is necessary to constantly update the concept of file management

The construction of smart archive storehouse is the new trend of the future development of archive storehouse, and intelligent mobile shelving is an indispensable hardware equipment in the smart archive storehouse. It combines with software to implement efficient archive management, which brings great convenience to the archive management.