What is the different between manual mobile shelving and intelligent mobile shelving?

Mobile shelving as the storage tool of archival materials and securities vouchers. It is a necessary office furniture for many enterprises and institutions and talent market. Mobile shelving not only has the advantage of high space utilization rate, convenient access, but also can protect the archives from damage. It is very suitable for an efficient office environment.

Mobile shelving have two type: manual mobile shelving and intelligent mobile shelving. Manual mobile shelving is base type. Intelligent mobile shelving is improved on the basis of manual mobile shelving. For different enterprise units, they usually don’t know how to choose when purchasing mobile shelving. Which is better, manual mobile shelving or intelligent mobile shelving? What kind of dense rack should I buy to better suit me?

Manual mobile shelving is manipulated by manpower. The structure is mainly composed of three parts: track, frame and base. Mobile shelving have large storage capacity, easy to use and other characteristics. In the process of accessing data, by rotating the handle on the frame, and then realizing the opening and closing of the  frame with the help of the transmission system, the safety of users can be effectively guaranteed. Good quality manual mobile shelving have very small pull sound during use, avoiding noise. But manual mobile shelving need human operation to open and close. Inevitably, in the process of use, there will still be labor-intensive driving.

The traditional manpower is replaced by the computer intelligent control system, and the access of archives is more convenient and humanized. The intelligent operating system can meet the needs of users in an all-round way. Users can intuitively see the placement of files through the system, which makes access more intelligent and convenient, and realizes the disorderly storage and orderly management of files. It can be said that the intelligent dense shelf is a more time-saving and intelligent office furniture compared with the manual dense shelf.

Whether it is manual mobile shelving or intelligent mobile shelving, the difference mainly lies in the management and use methods. When selecting, enterprises should choose intelligent dense shelves according to their own actual situation. If they are in pursuit of efficient office, they should choose intelligent dense shelves. If the budget is insufficient, choose manual dense rack.

Both manual dense racks and intelligent dense racks should master the use methods and pay attention to daily protection during use, so that no matter which kind of dense rack can play their greatest role.