What’s main function of intelligent mobile shelving?

What functions should be considered when purchasing intelligent mobile shelving? First, we need know what’s intelligent mobile shelving. Intelligent mobile shelving is add intelligent system based on tradition mobile shelving. It is set manual, electric, computer control in one of the new generation of high-tech multifunctional mobile shelving, can realize remote operation, macro automation control, easy to operate, stable movement, safe and reliable.

Today are more and more factories selling intelligent mobile shelving.Therefore, we should understand the functions of intelligent dense shelves before purchasing intelligent mobile shelving. Now learn what’s main function of intelligent mobile shelving.

The intelligent mobile shelving is equipped with an intelligent integrated management system based on the manual mobile shelving, which is operated and managed by a set of management software. Complete item level management of archives, physical management of archives, management and control of temperature and humidity in warehouse and intelligent dense rack;

After the file entry is completed, it actively generates the identification code and actively prints the bar code. In the process of putting on the shelf, it is scanned by the wireless scanner, and the wireless scanner actively transmits the deposit location to the database without manually entering the deposit location. According to the file number, file title, key words and other search conditions, the computer can actively retrieve files, complete the access of countless files on the same intelligent dense shelf channel or different intelligent dense shelf channels, and display them clearly in the LCD display screen of the computer and each column of intelligent dense shelves, so as to make file access more convenient and convenient;


During file take out (return), when the file location changes, the intelligent system will actively record the new file deposit location, so as to make the access simple, orderly, convenient, improve the operation efficiency and achieve a high degree of intelligence. Temperature and humidity intelligent management module: intelligent control of intelligent system and equipment, without manual recording of temperature and humidity, and without manual opening and closing of air conditioner and dehumidifier. Complete active control and record temperature and humidity; And actively prompt the temperature and humidity inside and outside the intelligent dense rack; Ensure that the temperature and humidity of large and small spaces are qualified.

In addition, the intelligent mobile shelving has follow functions:

1.Triple safety protection system: light protection, infrared induction protection, electromagnetic protection

2.Automatic positioning function: electronic intelligent dense frame is equipped with LED light positioning system, which provides convenience for staff to manage and access files;

3.Remote control system: in the file management computer interface can be turned on or off electronic intelligent dense frame power supply, improve the work efficiency of the staff;

4.File protection function: through intelligent ventilation management, automatic thermometer and other functions, according to the temperature and humidity of the file room to ensure the security of the file data.

These are all intelligent functions that the intelligent mobile shelving should have. Compared with the traditional manual mobile shelving, the intelligent mobile shelving is more labor-saving, more convenient and orderly. And the database management interface is kind and intuitive, so, when you buy, you must have an understanding of these aspects in advance.