What’s the advantage of mobile shelving?

一、mobile shelving is very convenient to use

When the staff accesses the data, the data is so messy that it is too much time wasting to find the data, and the benefit of the file mobile shelving is that it can easily find the desired file data, and it is very convenient to use, saving time and improving work efficiency at the same time.

二、Large capacity of mobile shelving

Mobile shelving can realize the centralized management of archives, and its interior has six adjustable layers, and the load-bearing capacity of each layer can reach 80kg, so the capacity of the dense shelf library is relatively large. In the same archive, dense shelves can store more materials in a smaller place compared to other filing cabinets.

三、Extensive use of mobile shelving

The advantage of mobile shelving is the use of a wide range of occasions, which is also an important reason for the popularity of archives intensive shelves by all walks of life, compact shelving can adapt to the needs of different industries. Mobile shelving in different occasions play a different role, adapt to the use of different needs.