Why are more and more enterprises use intelligent mobile shelving?

With the development of modern information technology, the requirement of intelligent office equipment is becoming higher and higher. Using the intelligent mobile shelving instead of the traditional filing cabinet to store file, can not only make full use of the space, but also improve the work efficiency of employees and enhance the security of archives. Therefore, the intelligent mobile shelving is also the main equipment for archiving in major enterprises and institutions.

Each row of intelligent mobile shelving have LED screen, it can intuitively understand the storage situation of each row of mobile shelving, and is also convenient for the staff to find and take file. The intelligent mobile shelving have three operation: manual, electric and computer control, and three operation is independent and can be operated separately and without affecting each other. Manual part is double shaft transmission and has the characteristics of flexibility and lightness. The design of fixed and moving row also makes full use of space to hold more data in less space.

Electromagnetic protection: intelligent mobile shelving have electromagnetic induction system. Like infrared sending, when there are people between the frame of mobile shelving, In order to protect the safety of the staff, it is not allowed to open and close other frames at will.

Infrared sensing protection: Infrared sensing system is installed between each row. Infrared sensing system start automatically when the mobile shelving is be open. When the staff works between the frame, neither the computer or the motor button of the dense frame can start the closing frame.  In this way, it can prevent the other staff from hurting the staff by opening and closing the frame body without knowing that someone is in it.

Light protection: There are professional lighting between the two rows of mobile shelving. When the frame is opened, the light will be on automatically, which has the function of lighting and protection. Any other dense rack can not be opened to prevent the staff between the racks from being pinched. When the frame is closed, the light will go out automatically.

Intelligent mobile shelving adopt high quality cold rolled steel. Each layer load capacity is 80kg. The motor is driven by decelerating motor to ensure uniform acceleration and deceleration stop.The intelligent compact rack has the function of system fault self checking, which will automatically prohibit all electric operation in case of fault. Then list the fault information on the LCD touch screen, find out the problem, easy to repair!