Why is the price of electric mobile shelving so high?

We will find that the electric intelligent mobile shelving price is higher than hand push mobile shelving when we need to buy mobile shelving to visit office furniture market or find information and consult manufacturers online. Many people don’t understand why the electric mobile shelving price is expensive. In fact, there is a reason why the electric mobile shelving price is high.

First: electric intelligent mobile shelving research and development cost is high

The biggest different between electric intelligent mobile shelving and traditional hand push mobile shelving is in intelligence. Intelligent systems need continuous research, development and experiment. R & D needs to invest a lot of funds and researchers. So the high research and development cost of electric intelligent mobile shelving is an important reason for its high price.

Second: the cost of producing electric intelligent mobile shelving is high

The production of the traditional hand-operated dense rack is relatively simple, and there is no need to embed the screen and integrated circuit. However, the intelligent dense frame needs to change the side structure in order to embed intelligent systems and equipment. The cost of producing these intelligent system and supporting facilities and equipment is also relatively high.

Third: information technology continues to develop, innovation should keep pace with the times.

A lot of product update iteration is faster, like phone. Electric intelligent mobile shelving may not iterate so quickly, but they will never lag behind in research and development.  The intelligent system development need financial support.

To sum up, there are three main reasons why the price of electric intelligent mobile shelving is higher than hand push mobile shelving. When choosing to buy mobile shelving, we should consider the purchase from many aspects, such as the use function and effect of mobile shelving. We can’t say that we only look at the price of mobile shelving!