Why more and more companies choose to use intelligent mobile shelving?

Under the influence of the concept of smart city, intelligence has penetrated into every aspect of our work and life, and the archives have also moved from digital archives to intelligent archives, and intelligent compact shelves, as a storage device for archives, are also one of the core equipment of intelligent archives. Not only the archives, in our daily office, the use of intelligent compact shelving instead of traditional file cabinets to store information, not only can make full use of space, but also improve the efficiency of the staff and enhance the security of the archives, so intelligent mobile shelving are also the main equipment used for archiving in major enterprises and institutions.


Intelligent mobile shelving have manual, electric and computer control three kinds of operation, and independent of each other, can be operated separately and do not affect each other, the manual part is three times the force of three times variable speed, double shaft drive, and has the characteristics of manual flexible and light.

Each column of the intelligent compact shelf is designed with LED screen, which can intuitively understand the storage situation of each column of compact shelving, and also facilitate the staff to find and take.

The fixed and mobile columns are designed in such a way that the space can be fully utilized and more information can be stored in a smaller space.


Light protection: There are professional lighting between two columns of mobile shelving. When the shelves are opened, the lights are automatically on, both for lighting and protection. Any other column of mobile shelving can not be opened to prevent the staff between the shelves from being pinched. When the shelves are closed, the lights automatically go out

Infrared induction protection: intelligent mobile shelving are installed with infrared induction system between the shelves, when the compact shelving are opened, the infrared induction starts automatically. When the staff work between the shelves, the dense shelf either computer or motor button can not start to close the shelf. This prevents other staff from knowing that there are people who open and close the shelves at will and pinch the staff, playing a protective role.

Electromagnetic protection: intelligent mobile shelving are also installed with electromagnetic induction system. Like infrared induction, when there is someone between the shelves. Can not open and close other shelves at will to protect the safety of staff.


The material of intelligent mobile shelving is cold-rolled steel plate with good performance and load-bearing, and the uniform load-bearing of single-side shelf is 40kg, and the uniform load-bearing of double-side shelf is 80kg.

Motor drive adopts reducer motor to ensure uniform acceleration start. Uniform deceleration and stop, the rack runs more, and low noise. Manual-electric interchangeable, automatically switch to manual state when power failure

The intelligent compact shelf is equipped with a system fault self-test function, which will automatically prohibit all operations of the electric when it fails. Then the fault column information is listed on the display LCD touch screen to find out the problem and facilitate maintenance!