Why use mobile shelving?

Archives dense shelf is a storage method that enterprises will consider when conducting archives management, but we will also find that the file cabinet has met the needs of many enterprises for archives storage. What are the advantages of the products produced by archives dense shelf manufacturers?Why use a file-dense shelf for storage?

Mobile shelving have large storage capacity

To say who can store a large number of files, and can make the archives more secure archives installation, is a dense archives.Although we can use bookshelves to store archives files very well, but also large capacity, but bookshelves belong to open management, not only small safety factor, but also increase the contact between files and air, easy to promote paper documents yellow, easy to produce eggs, dense archives can avoid these problems.


Improved the efficiency of archives management work

The previous means of file management is to simply rely on the manual search of the staff, such a way is not only inefficient to work, but also wasted a lot of time.But the management mode of archives dense frame, not only improve the way of archives management, make the management work more advanced, and higher efficiency, archives management work is no longer tedious work, storage, search are more convenient.

Solve the problem of land occupation of resources, and maximize the use of space.

Now the land resources are relatively scarce, so the price is very expensive, enterprises will have a lot of paper files to store every day, although the file cabinet is more beautiful, but the file cabinet stores a large number of files, you need more space to put.The archives dense frame can be moved, can be directly closed when not used, directly save a lot of space, but also to maximize the use of space. Why to use file dense frame for file management see the above three points can understand, but in fact, the use of file dense frame is very much, if we have special needs can also directly contact professional manufacturers for customization, consultation, choose the most appropriate our file dense frame is the most important!