Is steel office furniture easy to rust?

Steel office furniture is frequently used in daily work on office.Because of its strong durability, high quality and low price. So be loved by the majority of customer. The commonly used steel office furniture has file cabinets, lockers, dense racks, bookshelves, secret cabinets, cabinets and so on.But a lot of people worry about steel office furniture is easy to rust. So today we will talk about this problem.

Firstly, the steel office furniture raw material is cold rolled steel, the steel plate is prone to rust, but steel office furniture manufacturers use surface electrostatic spraying technology to solve this problem and improve its service life. This anti-rust process can not only prevent steel plate rust, but also can reduce the dust adsorption.

Secondly, the steel office furniture is not easy to rust when normal use it, If there will be some bumps in the process of moving or loading and unloading, the bumps will cause the surface coating to fall off and peel off. Once the surface coating falls off, the steel office furniture internal steel plate is prone to rust due to contact with air.

Lastly,remind everyone, we must pay attention to the occurrence of bumps in the process of using or moving steel office furniture.

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