How to buy a compact rack cheaper?

Many people are accustomed to going to the shopping mall to choose, because they think that there are many styles and brands in the shopping mall, and they can be compared. In fact, it is a better choice to find a gathering area for file rack manufacturers! Why do you say that. When buying a file rack, it needs to be consistent with the size of the office space, and it also needs to be sturdy, safe, and environmentally friendly. Factory customization can be tailored to suit your needs. After completion, there is almost no possibility of incongruity with your own shelving space, and it can even highlight the product personality more prominently. And factory direct sales, you can walk into the factory and clearly see the raw materials and semi-finished products of the product, so as to judge whether it is sturdy and durable, and whether it has a higher level of environmental protection.
The price-performance ratio of factory order is more prominent. On the basis of guaranteed price and quality, it can meet some special customization requirements of users. Able to communicate and handle in a timely manner, which is not possible with finished products in the mall. It’s hard to find a product that’s exactly the right size when you’re shopping in Furniture City alone. Customized shelving and filing cabinets are completely designed according to their own ideas, so that they will achieve their own satisfaction and ideals!
In terms of craftsmanship and details, the professional designer of the manufacturer can ask you to provide on-site measurement and design, and the drawings can also be continuously discussed with you until you are satisfied. Therefore, factory-made file racks have many aspects that can not be achieved by finished products in the store.
Going to the furniture city to buy finished products directly, although it saves time and effort, you can visually see the appearance of the style, but you cannot monitor the production process in the middle. Compared with the result, the production process of a file rack product seems to be more important. Cadia can provide factory direct sales of compact racks. The product is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by molding, and the surface is processed by more than ten procedures such as degreasing-rust removal-surface conditioning-phosphating-cleaning-passivation. The latest international popular color matte electrostatic powder, high temperature plasticization, excellent anti-corrosion performance, a variety of colors for users to choose. The contact surfaces between the racks are equipped with buffers, anti-collision sealing strips, dust-proof plates on the top and anti-rat devices on the bottom. Each column of racks will have anti-tipping devices. The side frame is equipped with a lock for overall locking to ensure the security of the overall file. The transmission mechanism is processed by finishing, using national standard parts, and the transmission is flexible and stable. The spacing between the layers can be freely adjusted as required. Free drawing, professional design, so that you can save worry and effort in the whole process of purchase.