Let you know what is mobile shelving

A compact rack is a dense file device, often called a compact cabinet. It is a rack with shafts and wheels installed on a multi-row double-sided fixed frame base. It can move linearly along small guide rails laid on the ground. Multiple racks can be moved closer or separated as needed.

According to different operating methods, compact racks are divided into manual compact racks, electric compact racks and intelligent compact racks. Manual compact racks are opened and closed manually and are relatively simple to operate, but require manpower to move and adjust; electric compact racks are driven by electricity and have higher operating efficiency and convenience; smart compact racks integrate intelligent management The system can realize the disordered storage and orderly management of files, and has multiple infrared alarm functions, which can effectively protect the safety of personnel and the security of file materials.

The main classifications of compact racks include archive racks, book racks, accounting racks, medical records racks, voucher racks, etc. These different types of racks are suitable for different types of document storage and management.

Compact racks have the advantages of large capacity, high density, convenient access, and space saving. It is made of thickened cold-rolled steel plate, with smooth texture and strong load-bearing capacity. It has multiple safety guarantees such as fire-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, rodent-proof, theft-proof and light-proof. At the same time, the cabinets of the compact shelves are sprayed in layers to remove rust and prevent scratches. During use, the layers are not easy to fall off and rust, ensuring the use time of the compact cabinets.

In general, the compact rack is an efficient, convenient, safe and space-saving file management equipment, which is widely used in various types of file management, libraries, enterprises and institutions, etc.