Five functions of intelligent mobile shelving

1.The characteristics of the intelligent mobile shelving

Intelligent mobile shelving is integrating manual, electric and computer control, which can realize remote operation and macro automatic rack control. The three transmission modes are independent and do not affect each other. The double-sided operation panel makes the operation of the product arbitrary, and can electrically switch each column of rack body. The motor start button is installed on the panel of each column of rack body. When the management personnel need to open any column of rack body, the rack body can be opened automatically as long as the open button is gently pressed.

In case of power failure, you can also manually open the dense rack by shaking the handle. For convenience, the intelligent dense cabinet is installed with the intelligent software independently developed by our company. The software program can be installed in the file management computer. When the files are stored, the file management database will be established in the computer. In the future management process, As long as the file to be queried is input in the computer management interface, the dense rack where the file is located can be opened automatically.

2.Remote control system of intelligent mobile shelving

On the file management computer interface, you will be able to turn on or off the file dense frame power, without staff running back and forth, and the management computer can be set anywhere the customer needs to operate the file dense frame through password permission.

3.Triple security protection system of intelligent mobile shelving

Lighting protection: there are professional lighting lights between the two rows. When the rack is turned on, the lights will automatically light up, which has both lighting and protection functions. When the light is turned on, the frame automatically starts the protection mechanism, and any other dense frame cannot be turned on to prevent the staff between the frames from being pinched. When the frame is closed, the light will go out automatically.

Infrared induction protection: infrared induction system is installed between the racks of these dense cabinets. When the frame is opened, the infrared induction will start automatically. When the staff work between the racks, whether the computer or the motor button, cannot start the rack closing, so as to prevent other staff from clamping the staff without knowing that someone opens and closes the rack at will.

Electromagnetic protection: it is also installed with an electromagnetic induction system, such as infrared induction, when the frame between someone, can not open and close other frame at will, to protect the safety of the staff.

4.Archive protection function

In order to ensure the dry storage environment of the archives, the intelligent dense frame has a temperature and humidity display, and the staff can determine the safety of the archives according to the temperature and humidity in the archives room

The staff can display the temperature and humidity of the intelligent thermometer, and click “ventilation” to twist. Each ventilation interface works automatically to maintain the overall storage environment of the dense frame.

5.Automatic positioning function

In order to facilitate the staff to manage and access files, LED light positioning system is installed inside the shelf. When the staff needs to query a file, just input the file number or name to be queried in the computer, the dense shelf where the file is located will automatically open, the indicator light of the column will flash, inform the column, the layer indicator light will flash, and inform the layer, The indicator light under the file box flashes to determine the file location. Managers only need to access it directly according to the instructions, which greatly reduces the workload of file managers and makes file management safer, faster and more convenient.