How to avoid misunderstand when purchasing mobile shelving?

As a modern office storage device, mobile shelving has become the choice of many enterprises because of its large storage capacity. Mobile shelving is widely used in school, enterprises, government institutions,hospital,etc. In order that we can really buy mobile shelving with high quality and appropriate price, we must consider from many aspects such as materials, technology, service and so on when we choose the brand of mobile shelving.

When purchasing mobile shelving, many purchasing managers usually don’t know much about mobile shelving. Their understanding of mobile shelving may stay at the picture level. Therefore, they often fall into misunderstanding when purchasing mobile shelving.

When purchasing dense shelves, please pay attention to avoid the following misunderstandings:

  1. Not find mobile shelving manufacturer

Some purchasing managers will be choose a furniture company to purchase mobile shelving, but some furniture company only a sale company, not engaged in the production of mobile shelving or main product is wood furniture.  They are not professional manufacturer.We should choose a factory that focuses on the production of steel archive cabinet. They product price is more favorable and after-sales is more guaranteed.

2.Thelower the price, the better.

When purchasing dense shelves, we should pay attention to the material parameters of material, rather than blindly pursuing low prices. Some manufacturers say that the plate thickness is 1.0mm, but 0.8mm or even 0.6mm plate may be used during production, which is the reason why they can sell at a low price.

3.The bigger the brand, the better the product quality

When choosing dense shelves, we should pay attention to whether the company is a professional production intensive manufacturer, not whether it is a big brand. Some big brand companies do not produce intensive products themselves.