How to choose mobile shelving?

With the rapid development of enterprises, more and more files need to be stored. In order to save data storage space and improve the efficiency of file management, many enterprises will consider using intelligent mobile shelving for file storage management. Please refer to a few points when choosing a mobile shelving.

1.Select according to the space size:

The standard size of mobile shelving is H2300mm*W900mm*D560mm, inner have 6 layer shelves. The distance between two layer is 330mm, each layer loading capacity is 80kg. Can be designed according to the needs of users,and the actual size of the space, can adjust the number of layers and size of mobile shelving. Let the warehouse space get more utilized. The spacing between layers can be adjusted according to the actual use requirement to place items of different heights.

2.Selection of intelligent system

The reason why intelligent mobile shelving are favored is that their intelligent operation brings us a lot of convenience, and the dense shelves with intelligent systems can be used in a way that allows users to achieve a technological and informational experience. Therefore, the choice of intelligent dense shelf system is also particularly important when selecting the intelligent dense shelf manufacturers must focus on understanding the level of intelligent dense shelf research and development capabilities, by operating the manufacturer’s dense shelf system to evaluate the choice.

3.Choice in terms of price

Intelligent mobile compactor are much more expensive than manual dense shelves because of the higher cost of their intelligent systems. However, the price of intelligent dense shelves is not determined by one factor, but needs to take into account many aspects, such as the use of materials, design solutions, specifications and technology, etc. Users need to choose according to their own units and the company’s budget for intelligent dense shelves, in the case of relatively ample budget, it is recommended to purchase better quality, from the system, material, technology and other merit selection, intelligent dense shelves belong to large storage class objects, such as pr-procurement is not considered in place, late maintenance or replacement and a considerable amount of money.

4.Manufacturing process of intelligent mobile shelving

A good production process is also a prerequisite and guarantee for producing high quality products. Adopt high quality cold-rolled steel plate moulding. The base is welded together as a whole, the shelf is a double column inserted structure, separated by a pegboard between the section and the section, there are hanging holes in the column, the pegboard is hung on the hanging holes of the column, the shelf is placed on the lower bend of the pegboard and is fastened on the hole of the pegboard; each layer is a whole shelf, the spacing of the shelf can be adjusted up and down. Each double-sided section is separated by a separating rod. The side panel adopts the new process of concave-convex rounded corner guard. Compared with the same type of intelligent dense shelves more durable and shelves are more stable.

5.Strength of the factory

To buy good quality intelligent mobile shelving, the first thing to look at when selecting a manufacturer is the size of the manufacturer, the size of the manufacturer represents the strength and qualifications of the manufacturer, a manufacturer of intelligent mobile shelving, only with the strength and corresponding qualifications to expand the scale, this strength and qualifications are to be approved by the relevant state agencies. Although we look at the manufacturer’s production strength and scale can not directly bring us any benefits, may also represent the price of its products expensive. However, the strength to produce good products, is not it, and we look at the manufacturer to see the scale when buying intelligent dense shelves is to confirm its quality.