Manual,electric,intelligent mobile shelving which is better? Which one is practical?

Now, Mobile shelving has been involved in many industries, mobile shelving can be divided into different structure according to storage different document. Mobile shelving also can be divided to manual,electric and intelligent according to operation ways. This is where many friends in the purchase of the tangle, in the end, which is the best dense shelves? Which is more practical? Here’s a look at their differences with you.

First, the practicality of the product is an important factor in our purchase

As the name suggests, accounting voucher mobile shelving are mainly used to store accounting vouchers or bill books of enterprises and institutions; file mobile shelving are often used to store important files, information, etc.; book mobile shelving are generally more common in school libraries, mainly used to store books; case intensive shelves are commonly used in hospitals, mainly to store medical records, patient files. Only for their own use needs to choose, in order to play the advantages of the dense rack itself, so that it really serves the user.

Secondly. Manual, electric,intelligent mobile shelving has a certain difference

Manual dense shelves can also be called hand-cranked dense shelves, hand-cranked dense shelves need more human operation, when accessing, staff by shaking the shaking handle to transfer the required archival materials of the group; and electric and manual although only a word difference, but there are still differences, electric mobile shelving is through the electric drive to access archival materials; and intelligent mobile shelving than manual and electric more functions, can also say The emergence of intelligent mobile shelving is based on the manual dense shelves, but with the addition of intelligent systems. Of course, according to the different functions, the three in the price of a hundred million yuan difference, the user in the purchase of their own budget costs, to avoid exceeding the budget.

After reading the above analysis is not a little more understanding of the dense shelves, we must analyze and consider from many aspects when buying, in order to buy a practical and meet their own requirements of the mobile shelving.