How to ensure the security of archival data ?

What is intelligent archives? The intelligent archives is based on archives information resources, making full use of advanced science and technology such as Internet of things, cloud computing and big data analysis to all links of archives management, and building an archives comprehensive management and control system for automatic disposal of archives content information, carrier information and management information, so as to improve the efficiency and service level of archives management and archives operation.

From the perspective of intelligent archives, first of all, we should digitize the archives information, use science and technology to convert all paper archives and paper archives, digital images and audio and video archives into electronic data that can be retrieved by computer, and carry out statistics, calculation, scientific research, data analysis and active push. This is the digitization of archives, which is the core of smart archives construction, It is also a necessary condition for intelligent archives management.

After the archives are formed into data, the interconnection and mutual perception among information, equipment and personnel can be realized through big data and Internet of things technology. Data is the soul of intelligent archives, so how to ensure the security of archival data has also become an important problem to be solved in the construction of smart archives.

For remote backup, the data is electronic. Compared with paper archives, the security coefficient of the formed electronic data is low and the risk is large. Therefore, in order to ensure its security, all remote backup should be carried out. In case of accidental loss of archives data, it can ensure that the backed up data can be used directly. For automatic alarm, automatic alarm equipment for fire prevention, waterproof, anti-theft and remote attack shall be used in the use of equipment in the archives. By sensing the temperature and humidity, when the room temperature and humidity of the file exceeds the range value, the automatic alarm and regulation equipment shall be started. Fire prevention and waterproof: in the construction of archives, the use of materials shall be fire-proof and waterproof, and automatic fire extinguishing devices shall be installed to automatically extinguish the fire in case of fire, so as to ensure data safety. Data firewall adopts advanced information security technology and equipment to establish a data firewall to avoid malicious theft, tampering, exchange or destruction of data.