Why more and more companies choose use smart mobile shelving?

Intelligence has penetrated into every aspect of our work and life, and the archives are also moving from digital archives to intelligent archives, and the intelligent dense shelves are one of the core equipment of the intelligent archives as a storage device for archives. Not only the archives, but also in our daily office, the use of intelligent dense shelves instead of traditional file cabinets to store information, not only can make full use of space, but also can improve the efficiency of the staff and enhance the security of the archives, so intelligent dense shelves are also the main equipment used for archiving in major enterprises and institutions.


Smart mobile shelving has three operation modes: manual,electric and computer control, and is independent of each other. The manual part has the characteristics of manual flexible and light. Intelligent mobile compactor each row is designed with LED screen which can intuitively understand the storage of each row and also convenient for the staff to find and take. The fixed and mobile row are also designed in such a way that they make the best use of space, storing more information in less space.


Light protection: It have professional lighting between two row of mobile shelving. When the frame of mobile shelving is turned on, the light automatically bright, other rows of mobile shelving not can moving, to prevent staff injuries between frames. When the frame is closed, the lights will be automatically extinguish.

Infrared wire induction protection: infrared sensing systems are installed between the frames of intelligent dense shelves. The infrared sensing automatically starts when the dense frame is opened. When the staff works between the frame, neither the computer or the motor button cannot start the archive shelving. This way to prevent other staff do not know some of them randomly open the frame and clip the staff,acts as a protection


Motor drive adopts reducer motor to ensure uniform acceleration start. Uniform deceleration and stop, the rack runs more, and low noise. Manual electric interchangeable, automatically switch to manual state when power failure.

Intelligent dense shelf has a system fault self-test function, when the fault, will automatically prohibit all electric operation. Then the fault column information is listed on the display LCD touch screen to find out the problem and facilitate maintenance!