How to calculate the mobile shelving quantity?

The market share of mobile shelving is getting higher and higher, mainly because now enterprises pay more and more attention to the storage and management of archive file. As the archives quantity add, the traditional filing cabinet has been unable to meet the storage and management of a large number of archives.

At this time, the mobile shelving has become the choice of many enterprises, because mobile shelving not only greatly increased the storage quantity, but also conducive to the sorting and more safety. However, because they not particularly familiar with the knowledge and product structure of mobile shelving, many enterprises do not know how many mobile shelving they need to buy and how many budget funds they need.

To solve this problem, we will teach you how to calculate how many mobile shelving can be purchased in your archive warehouse.

  1. The mobile shelving standard size is H2300mm*W900mm*D560mm, it is composed by bay and row, one row can have different bays, such as 1-5bays. Generally, when calculating how many bay of mobile shelving can be placed in a row, the thickness of side plates at both ends of the rack and the size of the handle need to be considered. Generally, more than 1m space will be reserved as the width of the walkway.
  2. To prevent the collision, there is have a rubber sealing strip between two rows, the rubber sealing strip usually is 20mm. Therefore, we can calculate the depth of each row as 570mm.The approximate formula is :(room width -1 meter aisle width)/570mm= number of row, so you can calculate how many rows can fit in a column.

    Of course, this is a normal and reasonable calculation method.The specific requirements shall be determined according to the manufacturer’s mobile shelving size setting and room layout,If the room is equipped with other desks and other sundries, it is necessary to subtract this part of space and then calculate how many groups of file dense shelves can be arranged.