Warehouse Shelf

Warehouse shelf are storage equipment, which are based on six basic functions of packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, information management and logistics. With the continuous development of storage shelf industry, more and more industries and enterprises have applied to storage shelves, and more and more enterprises have stepped into the storage shelf industry to serve friends from all walks of life. Shelf is one of the important storage equipment, It can be said that shelves are essential equipment for modern factories, warehouses, logistics enterprises, fresh and frozen warehouses, e-commerce centers and other enterprises.

Function of warehouse shelf: three-dimensional structure, make full use of warehouse space, improve utilization rate and increase cargo storage capacity, meet a large number of goods storage and a variety of goods can be centrally stored and managed.It can be used with pallet and forklift, which is more convenient for access and orderly handling; The goods do not need to be oppressed, and the damage probability is small, so as to ensure the integrity of the appearance and reduce unnecessary losses in this link of storage; Ensure the quality of the goods.The warehouse shelf is characterized by large bearing capacity, low cost, high efficiency, light weight, simple replacement, simple and reliable structure.

Heavy shelf is the most economical and widely used shelf form at present. When storing heavy goods, the heavy shelf has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, wide height range, convenient access by forklift, high selection efficiency and wear resistance, and the space utilization rate reaches 80%. It is widely used in factory warehouse, logistics and distribution center. It is not only suitable for multi variety and small batch goods, but also suitable for small variety and large batch goods. Such shelves are widely used in high-level warehouses and warehouses with high vertical height.

The light shelf is mainly composed of columns, beams, shelves, diagonal braces and other components. In terms of load capacity, it is smaller than medium-sized shelves and heavy shelves. Because the weight is relatively light, it is generally used in rooms with small public office area, homes or small convenience stores.